Cannon sub woofer install

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Thought I record all this here.
The cannon doesn't have pre outs, or any line output in the head unit. And the head unit is sop integrated into the car, that there's no way I wanted to replace it.

So, a line output converter is required :)

Firstly, about a LOC
So a LOC takes "speaker level input" and converts the signal to "line level output"
A speaker cable has high power (to drive speakers), but if you're feeding a signal into an amp, you must use low power (hence why head units mostly have "line out", which is low level out put), the amp wants to do its' own powering of speakers.
the LOC I used is from zero flex industries, and is powered. It produces a slightly better sound than a passive LOC from jaycar, but both will achieve the same thing.

The line output converter is installed behind the kick panel on the passengers side (to access the speaker cables of the front left speaker) as there is no line out on the infotainment unit.
The cabling runs from battery through the firewall on the passengers side, under the door sills down the passenger side.
Accessory power also run from the passengers kick panel LOC, to the back, to turn the subs on with power. They are switched subs.
LOC: ... r/p/AA0482

The two rca cables run to the subs

The other wires are:
  • Accessory Power in (turn this unit on with the ignition)
    Power out (earth)
    Accessory power out to the subs (turn the subs on)
    Speaker in
    Speaker out
The factory speakers in the doors are shit !
The wiring is straight out of a Foton (i.e. all the colour coding is identical).
The wiring is fine, the speakers are shit! 🤣
They are 5 inch speakers (not 6 inch like in my previous x200, and v240. Both of which I kitted out with sound - same subs, same speakers, but larger 😃 )
I've gone with:
Focal 130AS Access 2Way 5inch 13cm Component speakers in the front (separate tweeters).
Focal 130AC Access 2Way 5inch 13cm in the back.
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