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The all new GWM Cannon ( Poer / Pao / P-Series ) gets a 4x4 work out this weekend.
So much fun, and a little challenging for my first time out in the truck.

Back Story
Back in August I bought my first 4x4 from https://keppler.co.nz/ , it was a Greatwall x200. I traded my Greatwall v240.
I've always wanted a 4x4, not sure why, but the deciding factor was being able to drive up Ruapehu to go snowboarding in the winter. Lots of days the access road up the mountain is open only to 4 wheel drives.

Unfortunately, due to a moment's inattention, and some sunstrike, the Greatwall x200 got parked in a council garden after ploughing through a lamp post. 😲

[b The Mighty GWM Cannon[/b]
Obviously, having owned two previous Greatwall vehicles I like the brand.
You get great cars, for not much money.

Plus, recently Matt bought a Haval H6; Haval is also a GWM brand; and Matt's car is awesome!
So, I did some research on what trucks I might like, but the Cannon, which was launched to the world in December 2020, was always top of the list.

After some magic happened in my life, I end up with a GWM Cannon parked in my driveway! 🤩

Thanks Aaron and Tim from https://keppler.co.nz/ for being legends.
I mean Aaron even gave me a Holden Commodore to do skids in for a week while my truck was getting prepped! (umm .. no I never did skids, honest Aaron 😏🤣😂)

The First Cannon Adventure
So, I've got a 4x4 truck, but can it 4x4? 🤔

read more ....
https://www.loudas.com/outdoors/2021/03 ... annon.html
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